Month: June 2019

The Problem

Islands suffer from high unemployment throughout the year, with a seasonal peak on non-tourist periods, especially amongst young people; this is what this project aims to tackle. Young professionals in islands face one of three challenges: there are very limited job opportunities, especially ones matching their qualifications the few that do exist require years of …

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The Objective

YENESIS main objective is to reduce unemployment of young NEET between 25-29 by creating green jobs in islands in the four areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable transport and mobility. The partners aim to support the discouraged young people who have stopped looking for work and are therefore socially excluded. Furthermore, embracing the Smart …

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Project Method

In order to maximise its impact, the project’s methods are divided into four distinct stages: 1.Research Stage. Firstly, the expert needs to achieve a sustainable future will be identified and summarised in a guide on sustainability competencies for green jobs. These should be in line with each country’s Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation. Then, an …

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