YENESIS is a project funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment. It will address the challenge of unemployment for young people that are Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) in islands. Islands suffer from high unemployment throughout the year, with a seasonal peak on non-tourist periods, especially amongst young people. Young professionals in islands may face several challenges such as limited job opportunities that often requires years of experience that leads to a vicious cycle of a lack of job-lack of experience situation. YENESIS will reduce unemployment by creating green jobs in the four areas of energy efficiency, renewables, sustainable tourism, and mobility. YENESIS will support the discouraged young people who have stopped looking for work and therefore socially excluded.




YENESIS project benefits from €2.3M grant from Iceland, Lichtenstein, and Norway through EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment. The project aims at creating employment opportunities, for NEETs in islands.

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