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The 17th issue, despite the difficult moment the YE Online Mag is going much beyond a simple collector of Projects’ activities. It is now a concrete space for knowledge exchange.

First of all, a new Forum was created to take inspiration from this new online tool created and developed by StayOn Project. You can go to and simply… participate!



The 14th issue of the Youth Employment Online Magazine is now out!

The European Year of Youth finally opened the doors, and there are many novelties!

This is a magazine number full of thoughts and reflections about Youth: inclusion, Youth Guarantee, European goals, and about the progress our societies did about youth inclusion and a recognition about Youth work, opening for a better dialogue.

Also, information on the next event in late March to be part of the European Youth Year promoted by the European Commission.



The 15th issue, the last Magazine of the year, is out with a lot of news!

After the Annual Seminar the Programme will start thinking about future activities and initiatives, starting from the 2022 European Year of Youth. Linked to that, the November’s theme is out: “Unemployed young disabled persons and unemployed young women”.



The 14th issue of the Youth Employment Online Magazine is now out!

Some Projects in the Programme will take new directions but they will continue to produce, concrete effects within their societies and cities.

Not surprisingly, this new issue is comprehending specific sections about an important event which is soon happening: the European Week of Regions and Cities. Last but not least… another important event is coming. Stay tuned if you want to discover more.



The 13th issue of the Youth Employment magazine is now out in its new version!

You’ll read about 8 new Projects that have been selected and awarded, about SEPAL online initiatives, Let’s NEET together as well as about YES! and their webinar series, organised to share coaching and mentoring techniques to support NEETs in fulfilling their potential.

Last but not least, the theme of this issue is dedicated to social inclusion, migration & ethnic groups. Go and read them!Stay also tuned to know more details coming soon about the second annual thematic seminar of Active Youth projects, more information in the coming week.



The 12th issue of the Youth Employment Online Magazine is now out!

An interesting and special number of the Youth Employment Online Mag. The European Youth Week has been celebrated, this year, from the 24th to the 30th of May. So, in addition to the dedicated theme of this issue – Globalisation and technology – e-services, global companies and their impact on the local entrepreneurship and employment – another special place has been reserved for the third edition of Let’s NEET together.



Our Project was featured in this month’s issue in the Il Planete Terra Magazine in Italy!

In the article, the challenge of unemployment that Countries and especially islands are facing has been presented and it has been linked to the future market and the green jobs that are seen as a potential solution to such issue as well as the economic crisis as shown by the recent Next Generation EU thus showing the timeliness of the YENESIS project.


The 11th issue of the Youth Employment Online Magazine is now out!

With the second issue of this year, this one of March has opened the doors to a new approach. Starting from now, Projects will share their thoughts, reflections and hints about a specific theme, changing each time. This issue is dedicated to a specific focus, which is as well strictly related to the main challenges each YE Project is facing and trying to solve throughout their activities: learning skills and on the job trainings.


The Network section on the YENESIS platform

The Network section of our YENESIS platform is now online!

Through the Networking function of the platform, the NEETs and companies can sign in and come in touch for business opportunities. Additionally, NEETs can connect with each other and exchange ideas and experiences in our forum section.


The 10th issue of the Youth Employment Online Magazine is now out!

With this first number of 2021, another year together is beginning. Unfortunately, Covid is still a common challenge, but more space has been given to new ambitions and inspiring practices. That is why in this number both perspectives of our Projects and some interesting “success stories” that we consider useful as food for thought are published.



The 9th issue of the Youth Employment magazine is now out!

Despite the difficult year we have been facing, new challenges will for sure arise. The FO believes that the Projects will again demonstrate to be able to find innovative and inspiring solutions.

In this number, together with the usual contribute of Thomas Mc Grath and Iván Martín, you will find not only the main challenges and achievements of our Projects during the pandemic, but also an interesting survey prepared in the framework of the Active Youth. Read the MAG to find the link! Stay also tuned to know more details coming soon about the second annual thematic seminar of Active Youth projects, more information in the coming week.


The E-course Platform is now On-line

The e-course is an online educational source based on the training material created for the project by all the partners.

The YENESIS online course consists of the 4 main thematic areas of YENESIS project combining the topic of Business Innovation. Users can navigate all topics through 6 different Chapters. All chapters provide the educational material in the form of a presentation and one or two questions for “better understanding”. These questions are either multiple choice questions or “Leave a comment”. “Leave a Comment” is a question or a phrase that provides a general topic as a title for the specific chapter of each topic. Every question provides an open space for users’ discussion as a forum. When users complete, all the tasks of their topic and business innovation, they access the final quiz which leads to YENESIS eCourse Certificate. They can try unlimited times to reach the Certificate. Users through YENESIS eCourse website can communicate and discuss YENESIS thematic areas. Every user can log in for free and have the course with estimated duration time between 30min and 70min.

The courses are available in 7 languages: English, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Croatian, Estonian and Portuguese.


The new issue of the Youth Employment Magazine is out!

Summer has passed, but how many things changed and are changing. The future we have in front of us is uncertain: we are not yet out of danger and the pandemic caused by the spread of Coronavirus forced us to re-think our habits. Our daily work, during the next months, will be the reflection of our actual choices. This issue will present some new hints for reflection: the new additional call for proposals launched by the EEA and Norway Grants under the Youth Employment Fund is an example, in line with the European Commission call for actions under the European Programme for Employment and Social Innovation “EaSI” 2014-2020.

YENESIS nominated for an EU Sustainable Energy Award
We are excited to announce that the YENESIS project has been chosen as one of the finalists for the EU Sustainable Energy Awards under the category Youth: Recognising outstanding activities carried out by young people (below 30). Savvas Vlachos, Director of the Cyprus Energy Agency, the lead partner of the YESIS Project said: ‘It’s a great honor and a great achievement for our project to be selected as a finalist for the EU Sustainable Energy Awards. The development of skills relevant to the current and future sustainability challenges, is the way to address youth unemployment in European islands.” The EU Sustainable Energy Awards recognise outstanding individuals and projects for their innovation in energy efficiency and renewables. Finalists were chosen from a shortlist of the year’s most successful projects for clean, secure and efficient energy. Prizes will be awarded in three categories by an expert jury and by European citizens via a public vote. Voting Closes on June 18th!
YENESIS at the European Energy Efficiency Conference 2020
On the 4th-6th of March, the YENESIS project will be presented during the European Energy Efficiency Conference 2020 in Austria. The clean energy transition is taking on a new dynamic in Europe and worldwide. “Energy efficiency first” is at the centre of this transformation process. This requires strong policies, competitive businesses, technology innovation, investments and the involvement of citizens. The event offers 5 dedicated conferences, including the Energy Efficiency Policy Conference, Industrial Energy Efficiency Conference and Smart E-Mobility Conference, networking with energy efficiency businesses, research and policy makers and much more. On the 4th of March, Savvas Vlachos, the Director of the Cyprus Energy Agency, lead partner at the YENESIS project, will present the YENESIS project with the presentation on “Tackling climate protection and youth employment: the Yenesis project”. Mark your calendar, register to the event and come join us at the European Energy Efficiency Conference in Wels (!
Youth Employment Magazine - 2nd issue
The new issue of the Youth Employment Magazine is out! The magazine is a source of information on all projects funded by the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment.
YENESIS at the Clean Energy for EU Islands Forum
On the 21st of November the YENESIS project was presented on the Clean Energy for EU Islands Forum. The project was presented, by our Croatian partner during a roundtable discussion with institutions from islands on how the project can help and support energy transition on islands. The ‘Clean energy for EU islands initiative’ was launched in May 2017 and provides a long term framework to help islands generate their own sustainable, low-cost energy.
First Annual Thematic Seminar of Active Youth projects
YENESIS participated in the Annual thematic seminar of Active Youth projects that was held on the 26th of November in Brussels! The project was presented in front of representatives from the Donor countries and representatives of the 25 other projects currently benefiting from the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment! Two members of the YENESIS consortium participated in a panel discussion on challenges for Youth in rural and island communities!

Applications Are now open

Applications for the YENESIS project are now open.The YENESIS project targets young professionals aged 25-29, that are not in Employment, Education, or Training, living on the islands of the seven beneficiary countries. 

The project will take the selected participants through a process to equip them with the skills needed to enter the green jobs market. These are:

1.A week long educational course on four areas of sustainability and on business innovation.

2.A 3-day long showcasing exhibition trip in Norway on the selected area of interest, a month long apprenticeship in one other participating locations

3.A 6- month local placement.

All the expenses associated with the above activities are 100% covered by the project!

So if all of the above sounds exciting, fill- in the application! Join YENESIS and get ready to change your life, while changing the world!! 

Application Deadline: November 20th 

*Applicants from Portugal will need to fill in a separate Form

14th meeting of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe’s Steering Committee on Education for Sustainable Development
On Friday, May 3rd, we, through the participation of our lead partner CEA, had the honour to present our project at the 14th meeting of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe’s Steering Committee on Education for Sustainable Development as an exemplary case study that can influence and shape future initiatives or support existing actions on such issues.

The Youth Employment Online Magazine is now out!
The EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms 2014-2021 are set up to contribute to the reduction of social and economic disparities in Europe. Recognising the strong link between social and economic equality and participation in the labour market, measures addressing youth employment are encouraged throughout the various programmes of the EEA and Norway Grants. In addition, the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment specifically aims to support transnational project initiatives that promote sustainable and quality youth employment.

Today is the official launch of their Online Magazine related to the Fund and the projects’ activities and results. The magazine will be a source of information on all projects funded by the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment. YENESIS is one of the 26 projects currently benefiting from the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment.

YENESIS at the European Parliament

At the latest Science and Technology, Options Assessment Panel meeting (STOA) of the European Parliament, the YENESIS project was presented as part of the lecture “Role battery in the implementation of the transition to renewable energy sources in the sector of electricity generation from renewable sources “. The meeting was held on the 18th of April 2019, in Strasburg France. 

The project was presented by our Croatian partner, The International Centre for Sustainable Development of Energy, Water, and Environment Systems.

STOA is an official organ of the European Parliament, responsible for technology assessment and is active since 1987. Its task is to carry out expert, independent assessments of the impact of new technologies and identify long-term, strategic policy options.